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"Success isn't something that just happens- success is learned, success is practiced and then it's shared." - Sparky Anderson

Click on the clinic location for tuition costs and details about the clinic. If not linked to another page, information is still coming.

Better Basics Goat Tying

July 20 & 21  Wallsburg, Utah

July 24 & 25 Helena, Montana

August 7 & 8 Arcadia, Florida

August 10 & 11 Decaturville, Tennessee

August 17 & 18  Lubbuck Texas This clinic is full

October 27 & 28 Douglas, Arizona


Tuition listed on each clinic page. Deposit of $100.00 (check or money order) and remaining tuition to be paid at clinic MUST be paid in CASH ONLY. No checks for tuition at clinics.  Checks accepted for strings/products at clinics but not tuition fees.


NO LIMITS Breakaway & Goat Tying

August 13, 14 & 15 Stephenville, Texas

For More Information on No  Limits Clinics CLICK HERE.  


Students can do both events or just one !

What to expect from a BETTER BASICS Goat Tying Clinic

A clinic should help you move FORWARD in your progression of mastering skills. I don't ever want to change what is working for the individual, but ask that students are open minded on what is truly working. Typically students are given several introductory runs on the ground to showcase where they are at in their goat tying on a variety of goats. Any suggestions made throughout the clinic, are done so with the intent of helping the student get better.


Repetition; I'm a believer in training muscle memory through repetition. I like to break the skills down into simple steps so it's easier to concentrate. We will work on #1 Correctness, #2 Consistency and #3 Speed.  Being able to perform part(s) of the run correctly, then consistently on a variety of goats to diminish the "luck of the draw", then being able to perform the skill(s) quickly; always pushing to be faster even in the simplest of movements, from the actual steps goat tying to the transitions between the steps for overall faster times.

These clinics are physically intense. Students will run and flank a lot of goats over the duration of a two day clinic. Their bodies/muscles do get fatigued, but I try to keep them mentally sharp through fun games/drills throughout the clinic.

Short breaks are given throughout the clinic. I think muscle memory is gained during periods of rest.  Once students are gaining (to my) desired improvement, they are allotted short breaks and are ENCOURAGED to take the break, as it's important part of the learning process. Parents or students themselves may feel compelled to continue working, but these breaks are strategically given for muscle retention. It's not only good for the body, it's good for building confidence and this is something that should be continued at home while practicing.

When working with horses and dismounts, safety is the #1 issue.  Students will NOT be allowed to go faster than I believe they or their horse are ready to go. I want the student to have an understanding of the correct body positioning during a dismount and better their horsemanship to help their horses work, so they can continue this after the clinic at home. A horse should be able to work correctly slow as well as fast in the goat tying. 

For development of the mental part of competition, there will be competitive games throughout the 2nd day of the clinic.  Some within a team setting and some as individual competitions. It is my goal for students to learn how to block distractions and negative thinking during competitive scenarios and learn to focus on productive thoughts so they can perform to the best of their ability.  Becoming comfortable in all competitive situations is important in developing mental toughness as a competitor. These can be great practice ideas at home to help gain more confidence in competing.

Students will experience ways to develop athletic ability through a variety of exercises throughout the clinic. "Extra physical enhancement activities" may be done within the whole group, small groups or individually.  I believe the extra discipline to enhance fitness beyond the arena is beneficial to becoming a better competitor physically and mentally.

Positive attitudes creates positive results. I try to be encouraging at all times while still having expectations of students. Setbacks aren't viewed as failures, but learning opportunities. Experience is the best teacher, so if we learn from mistakes we can move forward in our learning progress.  Everyone learns at a different pace, so it's my goal for students to be able to continue learning successfully after a clinic.



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