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"Success isn't something that just happens- success is learned, success is practiced and then it's shared." - Sparky Anderson

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Better Basics Goat Tying

February 8 & 9  Miami, Oklahoma  THIS CLINIC IS FULL~

April 18 & 19 St. Charles, South Dakota

August TBA Wallsburg, Utah

August TBA Sweetwater, Texas


Remember the deposit actually HOLDS your spot. Tuition listed on each clinic page.


NO LIMITS Breakaway & Goat Tying


For More Information on No Limits Clinics


Breakaway Roping with Jackie Crawford & Goat Tying with Lynn Smith.

Students can do both events or just one !

What to expect from a BETTER BASICS Goat Tying Clinic

A clinic should help you move FORWARD in your progression of mastering skills. I don't ever want to change what is working for the individual, but ask that students are open minded on what is truly working. Typically students are given several introductory runs on the ground to showcase where they are at in their goat tying on a variety of goats. Any suggestions made throughout the clinic, are done so with the intent of helping the student get better.

 My track record as a competitor and as a college coach makes me creditable as an instructor. Clinics cover ground work and the dismount off horses as well as expose students to how prepare physically to stay healthy and get the most out of their God given abilities.  I focus on the mental aspect throughout the clinic; teaching students how to be aware of their thoughts and how to train our minds to think like a winner.

When working with horses and dismounts, safety is the #1 issue.  Students will NOT be allowed to go faster than I believe they or their horse are ready to go. I want the student to have an understanding of the correct body positioning during a dismount and better their horsemanship to help their horses work, so they can continue this after the clinic at home. A horse should be able to work correctly slow as well as fast in the goat tying.

These clinics are physically intense. There is a lot of repetition to train muscle memory. Students' bodies/muscles do get fatigued, fun games are done throughout the clinic to help keep students engaged with the body is tired. Short breaks are given to help retain what has been worked on.


Positive attitudes creates positive results. I try to be encouraging at all times while still having expectations of students. Setbacks aren't viewed as failures, but learning opportunities. Experience is the best teacher, so if we learn from mistakes we can move forward in our learning progress.  Everyone learns at a different pace, so it's my goal for students to be able to continue learning successfully after a clinic.



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