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  Douglas AZ

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Students in AZ
Dates:  Friday November 3: Beginner Goat Tying (morning) Beginner Breakaway (afternoon)  $125.00 each event,  LIMIT 8 per event!!!

Saturday November 4 Goat Tying $200 Limit to 8 students!

 Sunday November 5 Breakaway $200 Limit to 8 students!

Both events instructed by Lynn Smith.

$100.00 deposit to secure spot in clinic. Each event is LIMITED to 8 STUDENTS ONLY!!

Send deposit to: Better Basics PO Box 245 Elfrida, AZ 85610

Location/Directions:  Cochise College Rodeo Grounds off HWY 80

No hookups available. Generators and panels for horse encouraged as horse pens will be limited.


Friday Beginner's Clinic

8:45 am: Check in for Goat Tying (no horse for clinic, but bring boots as we'll learn dismounts)

9 am Ground Work Goat Tying

11 am: Introductions to dismounts via horse saver dummy

Noon: Lunch

1 pm: practice runs off horse saver dummy

2 pm: finished goats.

2:15 pm: Check in for Beginning breakaway (horses required later)

2:30 pm: Rope ground dummys

4:00 pm: Horsemanship & Position with dummy sleds

5:00 pm: Horsemanship in the box and riding to calves

7:00 pm: Finished

Saturday Goat Tying

9:00 am check in

9:15 am: Ground work

Noon: Lunch Break

1:00 pm: Ground Work

3:00 pm: Practice runs off horses

6:00 pm: Finished

Sunday  Breakaway

9 am: check in

9:15 am: Rope from box (intro runs)

9:45 am: Horsemanship in the box, scoring

Noon: Lunch

1:00 pm: Rope dummys, sleds

3:00 pm: Rope from box.

6:00 pm: Finished






Better Basics Goat Tying PO BOX 245 Elfrida, AZ 85610   email