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Rattler Goat Strings are designed by Lynn Smith. They are a 3 ply black nylon goat string and can only be purchased through Lynn (email order or at the clinics) and come in two different variations in stiffness for controllability and speed.


  • Pink ends are the MEDIUM lay string has a precise blend between firmness for snappy ties and suppleness for controllability.  An ideal string for goat tyers that are looking to add speed to their ties.

  • Green ends are the HARD lay string offering optimum speed without sacrificing security in the ty.  A truly fast string that is accurate run after run.  Favored by top goat tyers that are comfortable handling a stiff string.

Strings can be order from Lynn.  Cost per string is $15.00 and shipping is $15.00. Once payment is received, strings will be shipped. Payment in check form can be mailed to Better Basics PO Box 245 Elfrida, AZ 85610 . Please include string order (Lay of strings & how many) with SHIPPING address.  Thank you


Lynn has helped modify the Rattler 3 ply goat strings that can be purchased anywhere Rattler or Classic Ropes are sold. These come is a variation of color (except black) and in four different firmnesses.

  • Novice: This is a soft lay of string designed for beginner goat tyers that are getting comfortable tying with a nylon string.  It has some body to give a little speed in comparison to cotton or braided goat strings and still offers security in the ty be inexperienced or smaller hands of young goat tyers.

  • Junior: This is a medium-soft stiff string that is a step up in stiffness from the novice for faster ties.  Good string choice for intermediate level goat tyers.

  • Original: A little stiffer allowing for faster ties, this is a medium lay string.  It is a good string choice for goat tyers that are advanced in their tying skills and are looking to add speed in their ties.

  • Pro: This is a hard lay string with stiffness that increases the speed of the ty.  Great string choice for elite goat tyers that have good control in their ties and are comfortable handling a stiff string.


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